💡 Found a bug? Try this first.

Experiencing a disruption or bug? Try these troubleshooting steps first.
Written by Keplr Agent
Updated 11 months ago

For most minor disruptions, reinstalling Keplr wallet resolves any issues. Below is a quick guide for rebooting Keplr wallet. 

Troubleshooting the disruption(s):

⚠️ Before getting started, make sure to prepare to enter your seed phrase or login credentials. Without this, your account could be lost. ⚠️
  1. Uninstall your Keplr extension from your Chrome browser options.
  2. Clear the cache.
  3. Re-Install Keplr extension (from one of the official links).
  4. Check to have all the permissions enabled.
  5. If possible, connect to a VPN to ensure a fresh connection.

Click here for a full step-by-step reinstallation tutorial.

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