⚒️ Troubleshooting for Osmosis users

Here are some common issues for Keplr users after connecting with Osmosis.zone.
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  •  I don't have $OSMO, how can I pay the gas for perfom a transaction?
    Selecting [low] fees you will be able to perform a transaction at 0 OSMO. This might require some time due to the low priority.
  • Successful transaction not showing on Keplr
    Due to spike in network transactions, Keplr users may experience UI update delays (in both extension and dashboard). Updating this status could require a hard refresh on your side.
    NOTE: YOUR FUNDS ARE SAFE ON CHAIN. Nothing can disappear on a blockchain and if you see the funds on Mintscan (https://www.mintscan.io/osmosis), it's just a matter of waiting a reasonable amount of time until the interface processes the transactions.
  • The transaction keeps failing
    There might be a lot of reasons why your transaction failed. Some common reasons are as follows:
    • Your transaction may have been successful but because of network congestion, Keplr wasn’t able to reflect this in your extension/dashboard because of a timeout. Please make sure to check your address on a block explorer and wait 10 minutes at least before trying another transaction.
    You're trying to interact with the dashboard before having deposited the tokens. Set your Keplr extension on [osmosis] >go to Osmosis Dex > [Assets] > [Depsit] > follow the procedure to send your tokens..
    You're trying to perform transactions without owning any $OSMO: If this is the case, please choose [low] fees. This might require some time to process.
  • Error[Out of Gas in Location]
    Click on the ‘Set Gas’ button and increase the gas [usually 6M-7M works]

  • [ Network Error ]
    Please try to hard refresh
  • Not able to see my $ION anywhere
    Please check that your keplr wallet extension is set on [osmosis], the $IOS should be visible. If this is not the case, please follow the process to hard refresh.
  • I'm staking but I'm not accumulating any Reward
    Rewards on Osmosis are distributed not every bloch but every epoch [24hrs long]. Epochs start/end every day at 5PM UTC
  • If the normal refresh isn't enough
    • Check that your Keplr is unlocked
    • Check that your Keplr version is 0.8.10
    • Check to have all the permissions enabled
    • Uninstall Keplr
    • Clear the Cache
    • Re-Install
    • If possible, try to connect to a VPN

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