⚒️ Troubleshooting Ledger Disruptions

Follow these steps to troubleshoot Ledger disruptions.
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Updated 2 years ago
📢 Please check that your Keplr wallet version is the latest release. That has solved most of our users' concerns. 

To update to the latest version: 

💻 If you're using Windows 10:


💻 If you're using Apple iOS:

Click on the [Using Ledger on Windows?] tickbox within the Keplr Ledger popup. 

To make the update effective, you can also try:

  • Uninstalling Keplr
  • Clearing the Cache
  • Re-Installing Keplr
  • Checking carefully to have all the permissions enabled
Still not working? Using Brave?
If possible, connect to a VPN. Brave isn't officially supported so it's highly recommended to use Chrome.

If you are still experiencing a disruption with Ledger while using Keplr, please report this using the process illustrated in [Reporting an Issue].

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