Issues reported on Osmosis

Common issues, errors, or bugs related to Osmosis, or OSMO, protocols.
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After connecting your Keplr wallet with the Osmosis application, you may have experienced some issues with transactions.

Here are some of the most common questions asked: 

โ“I don't have $OSMO, how can I pay the gas for perfom a transaction?

By selecting [low] fees you will be able to perform a transaction at $0 OSMO. Keep in mind the transaction may require some waiting time and patience due to low priority, but it will be processed.

โ“Successful transaction not showing on Keplr?

Nothing can disappear on a blockchain; however, due to the incredibly huge amount of interactions, Keplr might have a consistent delay on update (for both extension and dashboard). This status could require a refresh from your side.
In the meantime, you can track the funds on Mintscan ( If the transaction doesn't show up in few hours, it's highly probable that went on timeout. If the transaction has timed out, you should be able to see the funds bounce back to the initial chain.

โ“ The transaction keeps failing

There might be a lot of reasons why your transaction failed. Some common reasons are as follows:
  • Your transaction may have been successful but because of network congestion, Keplr wasn’t able to reflect this in your extension/dashboard because of a timeout. Please make sure to check your address on a block explorer and wait at least 10 minutes before trying another transaction.
  • You're trying to interact with the dashboard before having deposited the tokens. Set your Keplr extension on [osmosis] > go to Osmosis Dex > [Assets] > [Depsit] > follow the procedure to send your tokens..
  • You're trying to perform transactions without owning any $OSMO: If this is the case, please choose [low] fees. This might require some time to process.

โ“Error [Out of Gas in Location]

Click on the ‘Set Gas’ button and increase the gas [usually 6M-7M works]

โ“[ Network Error ]

Please try to hard refresh

โ“Not able to see my $ION anywhere

Please check that your keplr wallet extension is set on [osmosis], the $IOS should be visible. If this is not the case, please follow the process to hard refresh.

โ“I'm staking but I'm not accumulating any Reward

Rewards on Osmosis are distributed not every bloch but every epoch [24hrs long]. Epochs start/end every day at 5PM UTC.

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