How to Reserve & Register a Starname

Learn how to create a custom wallet address name with Starname.
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Starname is an external NameService provider (not operated by Keplr) that allows wallet users to register custom wallet names to use in lieu of the long, complex wallet addresses made of letters and numbers. 

This tutorial will guide you through the basic registration process. Further inquiries should be taken to the Starname team directly by visiting

💻 Access Starname’s Dashboard from Keplr

  1. Before getting started, you'll need to prepare some $IOV to cover the transaction costs. Login to Keplr Extension and select [Starname] from the network drop-down menu. Here you can view your account details and manage your $IOV. Remember that to complete the next steps you must have tokens available in your balance.
  2. Go to and click on [Get Your Starname Now].
  3. You will be directed to check your name's availability and then, once confirmed available, move forward to the page
  4. Select the [Keplr Extension] option:
  5. Once inside the manager, click on [Register now]

⭐️ Register your own *Starname

  1. Once you have successfully accessed the Starname Dashboard, select one of the following options to create your own Starname:
    • [Starname Premium ] ex: *teamkeplr (*name)
    • [Starname Basic] ex: teamkeplr*cosmos (name*cosmos/iov)
    In this guide we will follow the path of [Starname Premium Edition], but the process for purchasing the basic one is the same.
  2. Once in the [Starname Premium] section, type in your Starname and click on [Register].
    If the name you selected is not available the box will turn yellow and you will not be allowed to continue.
    If the name you have chosen is available, the cost will appear below in $IOV.
  3. If you are satisfied with your choice, click [Register].
    A Keplr window will automatically open that will allow you to make the on-chain transaction. Once the transaction is completed, you will be immediately informed by the system about its success.
    We recommend selecting [High] transaction fees for better performance.

Congratulations! With your purchase, you have taken another step into the future of crypto payments!

Now let’s see together how to modify your Starname profile with the Dashboard and associate your new Starname to the addresses available on Keplr.

Next: How to Edit Your Starname Profile

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