How to Mint Secret $SCRT Tokens

A brief guide explaining how to mint Secret Network's $SCRT tokens using Secret contracts.
Written by Keplr Agent
Updated 2 years ago

Mint Secret SCRT tokens using Secret contracts

  1. Go to Keplr Wallet Dashboard
  2. Click on [Secret Secret] on the menù selection.
  3. To create $SSCRT you have to check that in the [Convert] section the option selected is [SCRT to Secret SCRT]
  4. Enter in the [Amount] section the amount of $SCRT you want to convert to $sSCRT. On the same screen, on the top, you can see your available balance: remember that the use of the smart contract has a cost so make sure you have enough resources.
  5. Once determined the amount, click on the blue [Convert] button on the bottom.
  6. In the window that appeared, select the gas you intend to use to complete the operation and confirm by clicking [Select Fee]. I remind you that it is strongly recommended to select [High] to have the best experience in terms of performance.
  7. Finally will appear the operation summary screen: after checking that everything is as you requested, click [Approve] to complete the procedure.

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