Important Tips re: Osmosis

Before you start using Keplr with Osmosis, review these helpful tips.
Written by Keplr Agent
Updated 1 year ago
⚠️ Disclaimer: Keplr is the only wallet initially supported by the Osmosis Chain & AMM, but it's important to notice that the Keplr team is only a volunteer contributor as Osmosis is a fully community-driven project. Therefore the team is not responsible for any loss or disruption that may occur while using Keplr in conjunction with Osmosis AMM, nor is the team liable for any ownership, even partial, of the project itself. Finally, Keplr does not intend to give any financial advice: the fact that a token is available natively or that a platform is integrated with Keplr is not intended to be a guarantee of reliability (or otherwise) and in no way replaces the need of DYOR.

Top Tips from Keplr before using Osmosis:

⚠️ Keplr is the only wallet integrated with Osmosis DEX & Keplr extension is officially supported only on Chrome.
To know how to create your account and make the first steps with Keplr Wallet, please see Installing Keplr Wallet.

⚠️ Pay attention to the websites you connect your Keplr wallet with.
This is the link to the Osmosis DEX Dashboard, be always extra careful when using search engines to find a website.

⚠️ No one from Osmosis or Keplr teams will ever write you in a DM asking to validate your wallet or type your mnemonics:
Please beware of scammers and if you need help always use public channels.

⚠️ It is recommended to avoid executing operations at the end/beginning of each epoch (every day at 5pm UTC), as heavy traffic may result in congestion and subsequent transaction failure.

⚠️ If you need assistance outside of Keplr transactions, always use Osmosis official channels.

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