Importing or Connecting Your Ledger Nano with Keplr Mobile App

A guide for connecting your Ledger Nano device with Keplr Wallet on your mobile device.
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Using a New Ledger Device

If you're starting with a brand new Ledger device, first download Ledger Live and install the device before attempting to connect with Keplr. Instructions should be included with the device, and troubleshooting is provided by the Ledger team.

Official Ledger Live download:

⚠️ Make sure you have the latest firmware for the Ledger Nano device installed and the latest version of the Ledger Cosmos app installed before proceeding. Connect with Ledger Live to check this. 

Ledger x Keplr Compatibility

Compatible (w/ cable);  📶 Bluetooth compatible;  ❌ Not compatible

Nano X Nano S Nano S Plus

Keplr on Desktop

Keplr on Mac
Keplr on Android 📶
Keplr on iOS  📶

Connecting Ledger with Keplr Wallet on Mobile

  1. After installing Keplr Wallet for mobile, click on [Import Ledger Nano X].
    NOTE: You should already have connected your Ledger to your handheld device by cable (or Bluetooth, if you have the Nano X). 

  2. Set the account name for the Ledger account, then press [Next].

  3. Once you see the Keplr pop-up, connect and unlock your Ledger device, then open the Cosmos app inside Ledger. Then select the device you'd like to pair.
  4. You can now start using your Ledger hardware device with Keplr mobile by following the device prompts. Note that your account description will show the HD derivation address to help differentiate between accounts.

    Click here to learn more about derivation paths.

Also see: Setting up Ledger for Desktop

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