How to Use the Keplr Address Book

Quick guide to your address book within Keplr Wallet
Written by Keplr Agent
Updated 1 year ago

If you're making repeated transactions to the same account from your Keplr wallet, setting up your address book can be a handy way to save time . 

  1. Click on the hamburger menu on the top left corner of your Keplr wallet and click on Address Book. 

  2. Then click on [+ Add New] and fill out the details. If a memo is required, the receiving exchange will provide one, along with the deposit address. (Keplr does not require a memo to receive transactions.) Otherwise, feel free to leave the memo section blank. Click [Save].

  3. You can autofill the details of any address by selecting the entry in the Recipient section. 

  4. You can go back edit or delete the details at anytime by clicking on the pencil or trash icons, respectively. 
Please note: the address book does not carry over when importing an existing account and is uniquely tied to your wallet interface. 

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