How to Send Tokens

How to send tokens from your Keplr wallet to another address.
Written by Keplr Agent
Updated 11 months ago
  1. Login to your Keplr wallet and click on [Send].

  2. Fill out the necessary fields:
    Recipient: The address you want to send assets to
    Token: Select the asset type you wish to transfer

    Amount: The amount you want to send with this transaction
    Memo (Optional): Some exchanges require and provide a specific memo to recognize your account. Please check carefully if this is your case. If not, you can leave it blank.
    Fee: You can choose to pay between [Low], [Average] or [High] fees, which can determine the order of processing of your transaction.

  3. When all fields are accurately entered, it’s time to select [Send].

  4. A summary screen will now appear. If all the information are correct, click [Approve] to complete the transaction.

  5. Keplr will send a pop-up notification when the transaction has been processed. Or, you can check the status of your transaction via a block explorer

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