How to Claim Rewards

This tutorial will show you how to claim your rewards and how to redelegate.
Written by Keplr Agent
Updated 2 years ago

Claim your Rewards & Redelegate

Don’t forget to [Claim] your rewards from time to time and to use the new [Undelegate] & [Redelegate] features to manage your $ATOM with the maximum flexibility!

  1. Click on [Claim] to reclaim all your pending staking rewards.

  2. Click on [Re-Delegate] to change your validator. You can do this immediately the first time, then you must wait 21 days before re-delegate again.

  3. Choose [Undelegate] to remove your ATOM from staking. During the *21 days of unbounding you will not be able to manage your tokens or gain staking rewards. Once you start the unbounding you can’t interrupt it. *Unbounding period might vary from chain to chain

Please note that to successfully complete the operations mentioned above, you must have in your [Available Balance] enough ATOM to cover the transaction fee, so pay attention to always keep a minimum of funds not staked (0.1 ATOM is enough). Keep in mind that if you re-delegate to another validator, delegate more ATOM to the same validator or start the unbounding, all your pending rewards will be automatically claimed & added to your available balance.

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