Native vs. Suggest Chain Integration

Differences between native and suggest chain (or permissionless) integration with Keplr Wallet.
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Native vs. Suggest Chain Integration

The service differences between native and permissionless integration:

Native Integration Permissionless
Token Transfers
Transaction Signing
Account Management
Google Login
Keplr Staking/Governance Web App -
Dedicated In-house Endpoint Infrastructure -
User Support -
Marketing Support -
Pricing Get in touch Free
Integration Process Team Support Self-guided

Note: mobile support is offered as an additional feature to natively integrated chains.

If native integration is what you are aiming for, contact us at partnerships[at]

If you would like to move forward with native integration, please be prepared to discuss the following, along with any technical specifications: community activity, contribution to the Cosmos ecosystem, team, project roadmap, etc. 

(Other partnership inquiries should also use the email above.)

If permissionless integration is a better fit for your project, the technical details can be found hereโ€Š—โ€Šfeel free to get started ๐Ÿš€

An expanded version of this guide is available on Medium

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