The most frequently asked questions about interchain (IBC) transactions.
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  • How to do access IBC transfers from my wallet?
    You can now toggle access to IBC transfers by going to your Keplr wallet menu, clicking on 'Settings,' and then toggling on the feature like so: 
  • Can I perform Interchain transactions to addresses not linked to a Keplr wallet?
    Yes, but the receiver will be able to see/manage the tokens only by importing his/her account into Keplr.
  • Can I perform Interchain Transfers to Exchanges?
    No, if you perform IBCs transfer with an Exchange address as the destination your funds will be lost.
  • Are the channels ID the same for every chain?
    No, every chain has its own channel (or even multiple channels per chain).
  • How do I know which channel to use?
    We have a guide for that here. 
  • When will other mainnet chains allow IBC Transfers?
    Stay updated on your favorite projects by following their community platforms and getting to know their community managers. 
  • How long does a transfer take to complete?
    It depends on the current status of the network and relayer. It should not exceed 1 minute, but during times of high congestion, it may take much longer. 
  • How can I know that the transfer was successful?
    You can check the status of the operation via block explorer that supports IBC Transfers, such as Mintscan.
  • My IBC transaction is successful - but it's not showing up on the other end!
    Each chain has its own IBC channel connected by relayers. Hopefully your chain's team is managing their relayers well, but sometimes there can be some delays. You may need to reach out to that chain's tech team and request that they fire up the relayer connected to the channel you used to send the assets.

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