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Getting to Know Your Keplr Wallet
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Hi there, and welcome to Keplr Wallet! If you are pretty new to digital wallets, this guide is for you. Read these Top 10 things to know before installing Keplr wallet. 

Let's get started.

1. Keplr wallet is a non-custodial digital wallet.

The moment you install your Keplr wallet, the ownership and full responsibility is yours. The team does not store any of your wallet information - it is stored locally, and securely, on your device.

2. Keplr is an IBC-enabled wallet. 

IBC (or Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol) is a unique feature of the Interchain ecosystem which allows blockchains to communicate with each other. Outside networks (like some central exchanges) may not support IBC and will not recognize your Keplr transfers, so make sure to check this before proceeding with a transaction to outside the network. 

3. Your seed phrase or private key is your account master key.

You should think of your seed phrase or private key as the master key to your account. It is powerful. Anyone who has your master key has full access to your account. Keep it safe. Once your account has been compromised, there's no going back. 

4. Each Keplr account sign-up type opens a different account.

Depending on the device, Keplr wallet offers several ways to sign up for an account: Google login, Apple login, seed phrase, Ledger, or importing an existing account. Each of these methods will open a different account, so once you choose one, remember the method and keep the login info handy (and safe!) in order to access the same account.

5. Wallet accounts are permanent. 

Once a Keplr account is created, it is on chain forever. There is no option to delete, edit, or switch accounts once its published on chain.

6. The memo field is public. 

When sending a transaction, you'll notice a memo field. This field is publically published on chain and can not be changed or edited after publishing. 

7.  Anyone can add a chain to Keplr wallet. 

A unique feature of Keplr Wallet is that anyone can add their chain through Keplr's "Suggest Chain" feature without permission from the Keplr team. This is to foster a more decentralized, open environment for the growth of the ecosystem. 

An important point to note is that the Keplr connection with permissionlessly added chains are maintained by the chain's managing team and not by Keplr.  Any troubleshooting requests should be directed to that respective chain's team. 

8. Native vs. Suggest Chain. 

The difference between the two is that native chains are contracted partnerships with Keplr Wallet and suggest chains can be added permissionlessly by anyone. On the Keplr wallet interface, native chains are seen from the drop down menu and suggested chains are listed under "beta." 

9. Bookmark official links to avoid phishing attacks:

- Official Website

- Official Help Desk

- Twitter

- Medium 

  ⚠️ To review and report phishing sites, visit:

10. Keplr is Community Driven

Keplr is a gateway across networks. Behind clicking "Approve," there is an interconnected web of players outside of the Keplr team that make your transactions possible: the teams behind the blockchains, validators, node managers, relayers, community managers... 

The more your learn about these other contributions, the more you'll understand how in a decentralized network, everyone's participation counts. Welcome to the Interchain community!

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