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Frequently asked questions regarding transactions.
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  • How do I check my transaction history?
    You can check your transaction history either from a block explorer, like Mintscan, or from the Keplr Dashboard
  • How do I find the TxID?
    Currently, you can find the TxID from a block explorer. Here are some suggestions:
  • Do I need to fill in the 'memo' field?
    If you’re sending tokens to a non-exchange wallet like Keplr, the memo field is optional.
    If you’re sending tokens from Keplr to a CEX (a centralized exchange, like Binance), the memo may be required and will be given by the destination exchange itself.
    Learn more about the memo field here.
  • I forgot the memo!
    Most exchanges have a page on their site with detailed information on how to recover a transaction with a missing memo. Typically they need proof that the account indeed belongs to you. You can send a screenshot of your transaction from a block explorer if that's what they require. If not, our suggestion is to offer to send a small transaction with the correct memo in the memo field and ask them to map the transactions together. 
    See the full missing memo guide here.
  • Why did my transaction fail?
    There may be a lot of reasons why your transaction failed. Some common reasons are as follows:

    • Your transaction fee was set too low, and while it may have been successful, Keplr wasn’t able to verify the status of your transaction. Please make sure to check your address on a block explorer and wait 5-10 minutes before trying another transaction.

    • You attempted to send/stake a greater amount than your available balance (and/or not taking into account the transaction fee). Make sure that the total transaction + fees is less than your total available balance.

    • Your coins may be locked up or being staked, therefore not available (or not enough) and therefore you are not able to cover the fees for undelegating and re-delegating. If you think that your case is none of the above, please contact us directly via chat. 
  • I'm getting a 502 bad gateway page. What does that mean?
    502 bad gateway page could appear for any number of reasons. Here are some examples from the past: 

    - Block height was out of sync
    - Load balancer not catching forwarding
    - A system is rebooting

    When you see a bad gateway page, notify a project member through an official channel and give their team some time to look into the issue. If it's a Keplr-related issue, contact us directly via our chatbox below.
  • Why did my available balance decrease even though my transaction failed?
    Most standard transactions that fail do so because the fees you select are too low and do not cover the fees required by the chain or the validator that processes it. However, the chain will recognize your transaction and treat the amount you input as a fee even if it is not enough to complete the transaction successfully. We strongly recommend that you check the standard fees in each network to avoid incurring this.
  • What is the transaction fee?
    The transaction fee is a fee that goes to the validators of the network to process your transaction. Each validator sets the minimum fees it accepts between [Low] [Average] and [High]. In some networks where the prevalence of validators only accepts [Average] or [High], such as Secret Network, it is strongly suggested to avoid selecting [Low] as this may cause the operation to fail, and transaction fees are not returned to the user. Depending on network conditions, you may need to increase your transaction fee to process your transaction faster. Keplr/Chainapsis does not profit from the transaction fee. All fees go to the validators that processed the transaction.
  • I deposited tokens from another wallet to Keplr and the transactions are confirmed in the explorers, but it's not showing up on Keplr.
    Due to a steep increase in IBC transactions, there could be delays in UI updates. If the explorers have reported your transactions, then the transactions are on the blockchain and you just need to wait for Keplr to reflect the numbers. It could take some time. 

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